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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Create Web Service SOAP request from WSDL and call service

In general, we generate stubs or use some XML builder to create SOAP request. This works for already known web services. Here, I am describing creating SOAP request (sample template) from any WSDL, like SOAP-UI does. After generating this request XML we can prompt user to fill data in request or, if values are known we can pass them to call the service. This can  be useful in creating SOAPUI like tool embedded in a web application or some integration solution.

Lets start with first scenario :

  1. Creating a  request template.
  2. Generate HTML form, from request XML to collect values to be passed.
  3. Generate request from values collected call service.
In second scenario, generate request from known values of all parameters. In this no user integration required.

To do these I will use Membrane SOA (a Apache2 licence product) and develop web application using vertx 2 and JQuery. Vertx is node.js like framework for JVM.

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