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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mustache Template in Talend ETL

This blog is about using Mustache template in ETL/ELT to generate rich textual output like HTML, JSON, XML etc from data in ETL flow.

First, download and install Talend in you don't have.

Get tMustache component from here. Install component as described in Step #1 in this tutorial. Need to add mustache module in TOS, similar to Elasticsearch.

Get sample jobs for TOS v5.0.3 and v5.3.1 from here and import them in talend to understand usage of component.

Configuration of tMustache component:

In schema add all columns in flow to both side as highlighted in red rectangle. This will make row data available to next components in flow. In case, row must have only out column, like in Elasticsearch Component  use tFilterColumns component next to tMustache.

Add one extra column, like newColumn (highlighted in green rectangle) to hold output of template execution. This column will be empty in incoming connection and will be written by this component.
Select this column in "Output Column" parameter.

In "Mustache Template" put any valid Mustache template. All variable names must be same as column labels in schema.

Try with sample jobs and me know if there is any issue.

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